Indian Spiritual Heritage

Learn about India’s spiritual heritage

(Full Day Program)

Spend the day experiencing the spiritual heart of India by practicing yoga, meditation and learning about what you see in and around the city. Holy Kashi can be overwhelming at times, let us take you on an experience that will help you process and put the craziness into perspective, enabling you to appreciate the madness of it all, by taking time to step away and take a chance to calm your body, mind and senses.

The Programs includes the following:

  • Guided sunrise boat ride on the Holy Ganga River, Meditation overlooking Banaras Ghats.
  • Hatha Yoga Practice at our rooftop yoga hall
  • Tea and Light Breakfast
  • Lecture on Indian Spiritual Heritage: Yogic System and Introduction to Indian Philosophy
  • Talk on various subjects of Indian Culture, including history, context and relevance of Indian thought and cultural heritage (religion, rituals, caste, death, context of yoga, Ayurveda) etc. …)
  • Vegetarian Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Tea and Snacks throughout the day
  • Puja: Rudra Abishek – Shiva Puja with Hindu priest. This is an ancient Vedic ritual which aims to purify and cleans both gross and subtle energies. Providing a direct experience of an example of ancient Vedic ritual, which is still practiced today. This will include a brief talk highlighting the purpose and process of such rituals.
  • Evening Meditation – allowing us to focus on more subtle practices of breath and mind, winding down at the end of the day, allowing us to observe and witness the mind and its processes.
  • Evening Meditation Session– a slower passed, relaxing yoga class focusing on steadying the breath and calming the mind to wind down the day

Cost (per person): Rs. 6000