With love, we have created a space for practicing yoga and meditation, a quiet place where you can rest with yourself and be yourself.

Our yoga studio is independent, built from our own resources and supported by family and friends. Contributions for yoga classes, courses and retreats are exclusively used to finance the operation of the space, providing you with teaching and a space where you can feel safe and comfortable to delve into your inner journey.

Our independence and freedom fully allows us to pass on the traditional hatha yoga with respect and respect for all traditional Indian yoga schools so that it is understandable and beneficial to all of you.

Not only the study of yoga has become our lifes’ journey and part of our everyday life, our yoga studio is a creative place for other activities inspired by our travels across Asia. You can look forward to meditation sessions, lectures on philosophy and projection from the paths and more.

We aim to provide an experience of yoga and spiritual teaching which goes beyond the mat and beyond the classroom.

Our objective is to familiarize our guests and students with not only the yogic teachings, but also with its history, context and part in the cultural heritage of India. After many years of teaching in various centres and institutions, we have established a unique place where yoga meets Indian culture. 

Along with teaching yogic practices and philosophy, we take you out of the classroom to engage with the local environment, community and people of Varanasi, engaging in and experiencing in practice what we learn about in our lectures and classes.

We look forward to welcoming anyone and everyone who has an interest in India, or any part of it’s rich cultural heritage.