Vasistha Yoga is a Registered Yoga School Accredited with Yoga Alliance International

We conduct a holistic, philosophy and theory based yoga teacher training. Our one month course is an immersive and intensive spiritual and practice program, with the objective to establish a solid foundation for future yoga teachers, or those who wish to experience and establish a disciplined yogic lifestyle.

To provide and establish a strong and disciplined practice for students, enabling them to have a firm knowledge and experience of the Hatha Yoga Practice.
To enable practitioners to experience a solid one-month practice of the yogic techniques, emerging themselves into the yogic lifestyle. Enabling them to have a deep understanding and direct experience of the theory, practice, origins, context, benefits, effects, and knowledge of the yogic system.
To nurture and support future teachers, educators and practitioners of yoga, who may share and further pass on the ancient knowledge and tradition of this rich cultural heritage.

200 HR Teacher Training

The foundation of our 200 HR yoga teachers training course is that it approaches Yoga, as an aspect of a larger holistic system of both thought and culture, which is the nectars of the Indian Heritage. We build on the history, tradition and context of the Indian culture and religion as the pillars of the Yogic System and Philosophy. Basing the teachings on traditional scriptures and texts, students will be able to understand Yoga as a philosophy with a practical approach which can be directly applied in day to day life, practice and study, providing balance, wisdom and peace.

Upcoming Course Dates For Year 2023:

5 January – 29 January |      2 February – 26 February
2 March – 26 March |      7 September – 30 September
5 October – 29 October |      2 November – 26 November
7 December – 31 December

Ashram Campus & Hall

Vasistha Yoga is based and founded in the Holy, Ancient city of Varanasi (also known as Kashi or Banaras), the abode of Lord Shiva, one of the oldest living cities in the world. Spending one month in the old city, which brings to life the ancient traditions and rituals more than any other city in India, creates a very conducive environment for the study and practice of any of the ancient traditions. Afterall, the city of knowledge, on the banks of the Holy Ganga river, the has the power to make time stand still, enabling us to pause and take time to appreciate the gift of life and the privilege of learning.


We provide basic, comfortable accommodation for the duration of the course. Single private en-suite rooms are provided for privacy and comfort.


We provide two vegetarian meals (brunch and dinner) every day of the course. We also provide tea or juice and various snacks throughout the day. We strive to provide wholesome, nutritious meals based on the ayurvedic diet. However, we like to remind ourselves and our students that the purpose of our food is to sustain a healthy balance of energy and nourishment, following the mantra of “eat to live, don’t live to eat.” If you require a special diet or have certain allergies or intolerances, please inform us in advance so we can make arrangements to cater your needs. Drinking water is also available on site, therefore we strongly encourage students to bring a reusable water bottle, which can be refilled at the school.

Schedule and Booking

Unless listed in upcoming courses section on the calendar, in order for everyone to get the most benefit of receiving any form of teaching, we conduct our lectures/workshops/classes on private booking basis, so that we can customise and accomodate groups/individuals to the best of our ability.

If you are interested in a private or group workshop or class, please contact us  for more information or send us your details/requirements directly and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.